Corona Virus Protocols

Dear Ahhhsome friends,

WELCOME BACK!!! We are so thrilled to be able to have Ahhhsome Relaxation available to you again beginning May 1, 2020 at 12:00 pm. We are humbled and grateful for your loyalty, and we take our responsibility to you our members, our guests and our employees very seriously. We want everyone to feel safe, come often, support their immune systems and find peace.


We are following all of the Governors guidelines for reopening and are participating in the LOOK, ASK, SHARE CAMPAIGN.


Following are our operational guidelines that we are using to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19. All but a few of these have been in place since day one here at Ahhhsome. We ask that you review and follow these guidelines with exactness for everyone’s health and peace of mind.

Do not visit Ahhhsome if you have:
• Been exposed to anyone with the flu or Coronavirus within the past 14 days
• An elevated temperature
• An active cough due to flu or virus

Ahhhsome Relaxation is:
• Providing hand sanitizer for all guests and employees
• Providing a hand washing station in the Lounge (NEW)
• Providing equipment cleaning stations
• Regularly and continually disinfecting and sanitizing all of our equipment, high-  trafficked and high-touched areas of Ahhhsome every hour. (INCRESED FREQUENCY)
• We have a third Halo Cabin that we offer exclusively to anyone with an active cough due to allergies, asthma or any non-communicable disease.

We ask you to:
• Stay 6 feet apart (NEW)

• Use the provided hand sanitizer
• Wash your hands before and after your visit in the Lounge or bathrooms. (NEW)
• Please wipe down any therapy you use before and after your visit.
• If you have an active cough not related to the Flu or Virus but would like to use a Halo Cabin please call and make an appointment for our special halo cabin.
• Bring a blanket or towel from home that you lay between you and any of the therapies
• Come often and build up your immune system!
• If you are worried about your respiratory health be proactive and use the Halo Therapy.

Our members are the heart of Ahhhsome. We look forward to welcoming and serving you. Please take care of yourselves and each other by following these guidelines.





Ahhhsome Relaxation Plan

to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19

We ask all guests and require all employees to follow all operational guidelines from now on. Please see guidelines on previous page.

Masks are not required at Ahhhsome because social distancing protocols of 6 feet or more can easily be followed. If you would feel better wearing a mask please do so. If you have a cough that is NOT due to a virus please wear a mask for everyone’s peace of mind.

Please know you may be asked 3 questions when you arrive.

  1.      Have you been exposed to anyone with the flu or Coronavirus in the last 14 days?
  2.      Do you have a fever?
  3.      Do you have an active cough?


  •         Phase 1 of reopening – May 1 – May 16. Only current members of Ahhhsome Relaxation or those who DO NOT require assistance may use Ahhhsome Relaxation in order to follow all social distancing protocols.


  •         Phase 2 of reopening – May 16 – May 29. New guests will be welcomed and assisted by an Ahhhsome guest guides as long as they agree to our operational guidelines.


Each new guest will be asked the 3 required questions. Depending on the guests answers service may be refused for 14+ days.

Ahhhsome Relaxation guides will wear a mask while less than 6 feet from their guest.

  •         Phases 3 & 4 of reopening – May 30 – June 26. We will continue to ask guests the 3 questions prior to visiting Ahhhsome. Ahhhsome Relaxation guides will wear a mask only if with a vulnerable guest or asked to do so by their guest.



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