Corona Virus Protocols

The COVID-19 virus has hit our entire world hard! Everyone knows someone who has had the virus or has even had it themselves.


The attitude we are taking at Ahhhsome is--

"Do all we can to protect everyone!".


We have always strived to keep everything clean and germ free with cleaning solutions that protect our most sensitive guests. When COVID-19 hit we knew we needed to make sure our cleaning solutions would kill that specific virus. For a short time, we have used Lysol products but continued looking for better solutions. We searched for products that are specifically used in hospitals to kill COVID-19 but also will do no harm to either the environment or our most sensitive guests. We finally found the answers to our concerns!


We are now using two new cleaning solutions--first a cleaner called Hypochlorous Acid and second HVC light. Both are used in hospitals throughout the country to sanitize surgical and ICU units and equipment. Both are non-toxic to people and the environment and both options work.


We hope that after you learn about all we are doing, you feel safe and Ahhhsome every time you come.

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