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Tiffany Bodily

Tiffany Bodily has called Idaho Falls home since 1995 when she graduated from nursing school and began practicing as a Registered Nurse. After a 15 year hiatus she recently returned to her  work in the field of medicine. She continues to love learning about the body and, in particular, how physical fitness impacts health and mental well being. She has always enjoyed exercise and has been actively involved in fitness clubs or personal fitness programs over the years.

Seven years ago she asked herself the question, “Why not become a fitness instructor?”  She then went on to get Zumba certified in June 2011.  In November 2012 she decided to further expand her teaching abilities and became certified in PiYo. Still wishing to balance out her fitness skills, she took her yoga training in March 2013.

Tiffany has been a member at Ahhhsome since just shortly after it’s opening and feels strongly about the importance of restoring her body and mind through the relaxation services available here. She is excited to be a part of Ahhhsome’s expansion of offerings by sharing her love of yoga and meditaion. She loves to keep expanding her knowledge and gain new perspectives by keeping an open mind and opening up to new experiences. She believes there is something to be gained and learned from every person who attends her classes as well as those who guide and instruct her. She looks forward to meeting you and sharing her passion for fitness and health.

Tiffany has been married for 29 years and is mother to four- 2 sons and 2 daughters. Her oldest child is 23 and her youngest is 16. She loves spending time with her family, as well as photography and scrapbooking.    

Janae Bystrom

Janae is an amazing guest guide at Ahhhsome Relaxation.  She has a strong musical background and fell totally in love with singing bowls the first time she heard them.  She is a talented musician and is very intuitive when it comes to helping people relax through sound therapy. 

Alyce and Janae are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this incredible relaxation therapy for Ahhhsome relaxation.  Alyce and Janae play the bowls together or individually depending on the type of singing bowl class being offered at the time.  

Alyce Jeppesen

Alyce is one of the owners of Ahhhsome Relaxation. 

She became interested in singing bowls when she took part in a wholistic healing retreat.  She had been unable to relax because of the mental stress in her life.  During the retreat Alyce took a class where several artists played singing bowls and conducted a guided meditation.  For the first time in months she was able to mentally relax.  It was life changing.  She wanted to learn more so that she could bring this mental relaxation to her guests at Ahhhsome.  

Michelle Tolman

Michelle Belnap Tolman has been cross training in martial arts for nine years. She has Black Belt degrees in four disciplines: Uchido with a taekwondo emphasis, Gumdo (Samarai sword fighting), Wing Chung/Gung Fu, and Tai Chi.  Michelle grew up in this area and Is so grateful to her pioneer ancestors that were among the first settlers here. Although she has visited and lived in other places she adores the people of southeast Idaho and the values of hard work, integrity, and community spirit this area is founded on.   She enjoys giving service and has a genuine love for people. She is blessed to have nine children. She did martial arts training throughout her last three pregnancies. Martial arts has been a bonding experience  with her children and a tremendous blessing providing health and balance spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Michelle’s deep spiritual convictions support her beliefs in continual improvement through divine guidance, hard work, grace, forgiveness, respect, and love. She is delighted to join Ahhhsome Relaxation’s team and mission to improve the lives of others. She believes that sharing her Qi Gong/Tai chi curriculum will help people of all ages, abilities, and genders to enjoy increased flexibility, balance, strength, health, vitality, and  personal fulfillment. 

Ahhhsome Classes

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