Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can Ahhhsome Relaxation help me?


2) How often can I visit Ahhhsome Relaxation?



3) When are you open?



4) When do I need to make an appointment?



5) How often can I come to Ahhhsome?



6) Can my friends or family from out of town come for a visit?



7) What is the minimum age requirement to be a member of Ahhhsome?



8) Can I bring a friend in with me?



9) Why can’t I stay on the equipment longer?



10) Do you have Wi-Fi?



11) Can you help me with the equipment when I come in?



12) What if I don’t like a piece of the equipment?



13) What is your cancelation policy?



14) Do I have to use the Ahhhsome socks?



15) May I walk barefoot through Ahhhsome?



16) What is the dress code?



17) How safe am I when I come to Ahhhsome at night?



18) May I use my membership at Ahhhsome Relaxation to help me grow my business?



19) May I talk on my cell phone anywhere in Ahhhsome?



20) May I bring food into Ahhhsome Relaxation?



21) Do I have to drink water?



22) Can I clean the equipment before I use it?



23) How do I gain entrance into Ahhhsome Relaxation?


24) Do I get my own Locker?



25) Do I have to use the hot or chilled towel before I enter Ahhhsome?



26) May I visit with a friend while I am at Ahhhsome?


27 May I listen to my own music while I am at Ahhhsome Relaxation?


28) How will I know how to use the equipment?


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